Explore Laguna Beach like a local on a one of a kind food adventure!

Laguna Beach Food tasting tour

Taste the Historical.

Just wanted to say THANKS! Me and my boyfriend would never have seen all of the cool hidden 'local's only' spots or tasted all of the delicious flavors of laguna without you guys! WOW SOOO YUMMY :) -Amy
For the 'personal & extravagant'

Exotic car tours available.

Flavors of Laguna is partnered with Pinnacle Tour group to offer International Tours as well.

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Enjoy Flavors of Laguna, where you can join us on a Food Tasting & Historical Tour in beautiful Laguna Beach, CA. We capture culinary delights mixed with an intricate cultural experience and we bring it to you in a 3-1/2 to 4-hour walking tour (Tour time varies).

You will experience tastes that are unique to "The Village" in Laguna Beach and that represent the "True Laguna" experience.  The village tour is a delightfully casual cultural experience that you are sure to remember for days to come. A Food Tasting & Historical Tour in Laguna Beach is a great event for family, friends, visitors, traveling, and looking for the perfect place for that special occasion.  It is perfect for local residents, tourists, first dates, corporate events, birthday/bridal parties, girls/guys day out, family outings and more!

Flavors of Laguna is privately owned.  We pride ourselves on not only researching the foods ourselves but carefully putting together a unique experience that is both laid-back and casual.  We feel that Laguna Beach in Orange County, CA, is a unique gem with many wonderful aspects that should be a must-see as a resident or visitor. We would like to spread our fondness of Laguna Beach and bring this delight directly to you.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you and we would love if you would pass the word if you enjoy your time with us.

Food Tasting & Historical Tour includes:
Bottled Water
Tastings from various stops in Laguna Beach, CA.
Information and history of beautiful Laguna Beach, CA.
An opportunity to wine & beer taste at an additional $5 per person.
Tons of Fun!

What is a Food Tasting & Historical Tour?
A Food Tasting & Historical Tour allows you to be introduced to places that may be considered secret "gems" and that truly possess a cultural experience.  We will begin together at a specific point and time.  From there, a tour guide will meet you and by foot you will venture to the places that will show you some of the unique bites that Laguna Beach has to offer combined in an informative, organized and unique manner. This tour is casual & fun!